R+S Cold Brew Coffee {2 Bags}


2 12oz bags of Rise + Shine Cold Brew Coffee + 2 COMPLIMENTARY disposable cold brewing bags.

Rise + Shine is an organically grown blend, sourced from around the world and roasted steps from the coast in San Diego, CA. With subtle notes of caramel and chocolate, Rise + Shine is full city roasted giving it a velvety smooth taste. 

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS:  Pour one 12oz bag of cold brew coffee into a disposable bag and secure at the top.  In a pot or other large container, add 7 cups of cold water, then add the bag of coffee.  NOTE - no need to forcefully submerge, it will naturally sink as it brews.

Brew for 18-24 hours.  Then remove the bag and you're left with perfect cold brew concentrate!

DILUTING:  We recommend a 2:1 ratio.  2 cups of hot or cold water to 1 cup of cold brew concentrate.



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